"I'm Uli. I maintained machines in the Empire's Project Treshold, an experimental, uh, training program in the art of interrogation."
―Uli Zhensi[src]

Uli Zhensi was a Duros male who worked for the Sith Empire until he decided to join the Galactic Republic during the Cold War.


Stationed on Nar Shaddaa, Uli and his fellow workers Bola, Uthril and Nug maintained experimental interrogation machinery for the Empire's Project Threshold until they were caught trying to sabotage the operation. Uli was able to escape, but his workers were captured by the Imperials. He eventually encountered a Republic citizen and requested the spacer to assist him in ending the Empire's project by destroying the terminals controlling the equipment. The individual was successful in destroying the terminals and defeating the Imperial Archon that were guarding the place. Uli thanked the individual and went on to continue his work.