Ull Murub was a male Sullustan Padawan serving the Jedi Order and the Galactic Republic.


A Force-sensitive male Sullustan, Ull Murub was inducted into the Jedi Order and trained in the ways of the Force. After a time, he was selected as a Padawan by an elder Jedi, and was soon stationed on the Sullustan homeworld of Sullust. Though Murub longed for adventure, even believing that war would be exciting, he found himself more often than not performing mundane tasks, such as using his abilities to help citizens find lost cred sticks.[1]

While on Sullust, a female Human Dark Jedi, formerly a Jedi Consular, took notice of Murub and hoped to one day encourage his thirst for adventure, in order to pull him down the path toward the dark side of the Force.[1]


Notes and referencesEdit

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