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Deluxe Star Wars collection

Ultimate Star Wars Graphic Novel Library was going to be a limited edition collection of Star Wars comics collected in 10 hardcover volumes. It was going to published by Hamilton Collections, but was cancelled before it had even begun due to a relative lack of interest/orders [1]. The stories that were going to be collected are all based around the Original Trilogy - beginning with stories from just before Episode IV A New Hope and going out to Crimson Empire. Randy Stradley posted proposed content of all ten volumes on the Dark Horse Comics message boards.[2]

Publisher's SummaryEdit

The Ultimate Star Wars Graphic Novel Library is a beautiful ten-volume hardbound compilation of the Dark Horse graphic novels and short comics detailing the events and characters of the original trilogy of the Star Wars saga. Each beautifully illustrated volume is crafted of fine durable stock and solid hard bindings which collectively form an impressive spine art panorama featuring the major characters from Episodes IV, V and VI.


Volume 1: Seeds of RebellionEdit

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