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The Umbaran hover tank was a repulsorcraft tank made and used by the Umbaran Militia during the Battle of Umbara.[4]


The Umbaran hover tank was a single-pilot vehicle built around an armored control pod flanked by twin conducting vanes that each housed an electromagnetic plasma cannon capable of decimating entire platoons of enemy troops with a single blast. The conducting vanes rotated and split open to serve as landing struts when the vehicle was powered down in a docked configuration. Although its cockpit was armored, its vanes were vulnerable to AT-RT fire.


The Umbaran Militia deployed these vehicles during the Battle of Umbara. It caused many casualties to the Republic forces. Thanks to the Umbaran alliance with the Confederacy of Independent Systems, the tank fell into the hands of the Separatist Droid Army. These tanks caused heavy casualties though some were destroyed by AT-RTs.



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