Umwak's special glasses sideview

Umwak wearing his glasses

Umwak's nephew: "We can't follow them in there! We'll get lost, too!"
Umwak: "Ha ha! I've already thought of that! For years I've been perfecting these special glasses. They'll show me the true path through the maze!"
―Umwak reveals his special glasses[src]

Umwak's special glasses were glasses created by the Dulok shaman Umwak. He claimed to have been working on their design for years. The glasses had a wooden frame held together with cord. The left lens was red and the right lens was blue. Umwak claimed that the eyewear could show him the way through the Arbo Maze. However, in reality, Umwak couldn't see a thing in them. The glasses were broken when Umwak fell after stepping on a rock.