The title un'Yala was given to chiefs or tribal elders of the Rellarin people, a low-technology species from Rellnas Minor renowned for their wisdom, spirituality, and ethics.

Un'Yala were, on average, over two hundred years old, meaning that they had a vast store of experience to draw upon when giving advice and making decisions. They also led their people in hour long ritual dances, meant to cast "spells" and give "blessings." During these rituals, many un'Yala gained insight from the Force. Indeed, many un'Yala showed a high degree of Force-sensitivity.

The wisdom of the un'Yala was highly regarded by many off-world societies. The Swaze sent their political leaders to Rellnas Minor once per year in order to consult with un'Yala. Two of the most notable un'Yala during the Galactic Civil War era were Tanlin Sha, the principal Rellarin advisor to the Swaze, and Moshene Tre, who traveled offworld to become a New Republic Observer.