"Help you I will, if take me you will."

Und'l was a stocky male Buzchub with blue fur. He was born on Harrandarr in a far corner of the galaxy. He tended to waddle when he walked, and often perched an oversized hat at a jaunty angle on his head.

As he was incapable of speaking Basic, he equipped himself with a translator which translated his speech in a mechanical voice. Und'l spoke in rhythm, often portraying that he knew more than he was revealing. He had a special affinity for Wookiees, referring to them as his "long haired brothers". Und'l was proficient in beast riding.

Shortly after the fall of the Galactic Empire, Und'l worked with some Imperial sympathizers, recruiting adventurers to carry goods. On one such occasion, he recruited a party from the cantina on Roldalna. The job was to transport spice from Nigel VI to Lohopa II, however the crates actually contained lexonite, a deadly poison from Nigel VI. Possessing the poison was illegal on Nigel VI, with immediate execution the penalty. The poison was intended to be used by Imperial terrorists against the fledgling New Republic. Und'l was unaware of the sinister nature of the package when he recruited the smugglers, but they held him responsible nevertheless.


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