The Undauntable was an Imperial-class Star Destroyer. Commanded by Admiral Jaim Helaw, it was the oldest ship on the line in its quadrant, but was maintained in excellent condition under Helaw’s command. Prior to the Battle of Yavin, it was assigned to the fleet under the command of Admiral Motti and tasked with guarding the construction of the Death Star at Despayre.

Before the battle-station's completion, the Undauntable was destroyed by a Rebel agent who had managed to detonate a cargo container rigged full of explosives stored in the ship’s aft cargo hold. The Undauntable was lost with all hands.

The incident was later covered up at the direction of Grand Moff Tarkin and with the complicity of Motti and Admiral Daala. The destruction of the Undauntable was officially held to be an accident and the blame was posthumously laid at the feet of Admiral Helaw, tarnishing an otherwise exemplary career. Admiral Daala later tried, and failed, to investigate the case.


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