Under-palatine for the Bureau of Patriotic Defense (Clone Wars)

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"We studied it exhaustively, but all our experts agree it's nothing more than a plain wax candle."
―The under-palatine, upon presenting a gift from Padmé Amadala to Count Dooku[src]

This individual was a Troxan male who served his species and homeworld, Troxar, as the under-palatine for the Bureau of Patriotic Defense during the Clone Wars. During that conflict, this Troxas participated in a delegation from his planet to visit Count Dooku at Château Malreaux, on the planet Vjun, where he was accompanied by the under-palatine for patriotic liaisons and that individual's assistant. In a bid to win more support for the world's resistance to the Galactic Republic. The under-palatine and his compatriots tried to convince Dooku that they were planning to surrender to the Republic unless more battle droids arrived in their system. Dooku used a mind trick to convince them to keep fighting, that reinforcements were on their way—but not to surrender. This was part of a bid by Darth Sidious to make Troxar a resource sink for the Republic. At the end of their meeting, the under-palatine for patriotic liaisons presented Dooku with a parcel from Padmé Amidala, Senator of Naboo. The under-palatine of the Bureau of Patriotic Defense explained that the Troxans had analyzed the contents and found it to be only a black candle.[1]


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