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"You hear about someone blowing up the Death Star—someone painted as a hero of the Alliance—and you think That kid's head is probably so swelled it has its own gravity by now. Or you think someone like that is all about duty and righteousness and wears super-tight underwear."
―Nakari Kelen[src]

Underwear were clothes normally worn underneath one's visible outer garments. Underwear was worn by most humans throughout the galaxy by the time of the Imperial Era.[6] When submerged in bacta tanks, most beings—includingJedi Master Depa Billaba,[2] Padawan Kanan Jarrus,[3] and Lobot[4]—were stripped down to their underwear while healing in liquid bacta.[7] When speaking with Luke Skywalker about her expectations of what he would be like, Nakari Kelen told him that she imagined that someone who blew up the Death Star, the hero of the Rebel Alliance, might be someone obsessed with duty wearing super-tight underwear.[6]



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