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In 13 ABY, a Human male flew as a pilot in the Imperial Remnant's 181st Imperial Fighter Group. That year saw him and three other 181st pilots travel to the planet Adumar as Imperial emissaries. The 181st's commander, Turr Phennir, led the delegation as they wooed the government of the nation state of Cartann to join the Empire. Complicating matters was the presence of four New Republic pilots also in Cartann City, arguing the New Republic's case.

The Imperial pilots spent their days on Adumar engaging local pilots in aerial duels to the death. In line with local customs, they gained considerable honor. Cartann eventually declared war on the other nations of Adumar, and the Imperials fought for them against attacking forces of the Yedagon Confederacy. The Human male was the second Imperial pilot to die, shot down by the guns of New Republic pilot Wedge Antilles.

Behind the scenesEdit

In X-Wing: Starfighters of Adumar, one of Phennir's men is described as being a tall, red-headed man. It is unclear if that man is the pilot described in this article or one of the two other men on Phennir's ambassadorial team.