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"Round up the citizens. All of them!"
"Roger roger."
―Darts D'Nar talking to this droid.[src]

This battle droid was a soldier of the Confederacy of Independent Systems programmed to fight the Galactic Republic. He took part in the subjugation of the planet Kiros.


The planet Kiros that had remained neutral throughout the Clone Wars, caught the eye of the Confederacy and they launched an invasion on the planet. On the surface of the planet, this battle droid accompanied Head of State Count Dooku, a Zygerrian slaver by the name of Darts D'Nar and a tactical droid. He looked on as Dooku attempted to persuade the Kiros governor to allow the CIS to "protect" them from the war. As Dooku led him away, Darts D'Nar ordered all the Togrutas rounded up, to which the battle droid obeyed.