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"We're too big to fit in there."
"No we're not. Watch this!"
―224 and this droid.[src]

An AAT driver battle droid was stationed on the planet of Rugosa around 22 BBY and participated in the Battle of Rugosa under command of 224.


During the battle, this droid drove an Armored Assault Tank and was part of a reinforcement squadron tasked with finding Jedi Master Yoda along with three clone troopers and eliminating them before they reached their destination. As the droids advanced, they hit an impenetrable obstacle, a giant tree blocking the road. This droid believed he could get past the obstacle and drove his AAT directly towards the tree, causing the AAT to crash and propelling the droid out of it.

The droid was later seen with the rest of the convoy when they were attacked by master Yoda, who managed to climb onto the droid's AAT, making him accidentally shoot a fellow AAT. Yoda then carved a hole into the AAT's top hatch and used the Force to propel the droid outside and to his destruction.


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