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"How much longer do we have on that shield?"
"Midi-secs, sir."
"That's all we have.
―The ARC commander and the ARC trooper[src]

A clone Advanced Recon Commando served the Galactic Republic in the Clone Wars, and took part in the Battle of Aridka. During the battle, the ARC trooper's squad was nothing more than a handful of clone troopers in a trench with an energy shield. The ARC trooper attempted to send a call for reinforcements, but he believed that it had been lost in a magnetic storm. At the behest of their commander, the clone troopers put up a last stand against the overwhelming Separatist droid army. After sustaining several casualties, the clones were reinforced by Jedi Master Plo Koon. With the combined efforts of Koon and the clones, the battle was won by the Republic.[1]

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