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"You cannot pass. Go back to the north seas and freeze."
"Why, Master Protas?"
"Because it pleases me."
―Protas and the aiwha pod[src]

According to a Kaminoan legend, The Tale of the Aiwha Pod, a male aiwha sacrificed himself to save his pod when the god-beast Protas stopped the pod from traveling south for the winter. Protas had previously defeated the titan Melkorr and an army of Kikla, and had become arrogant in his position of the most powerful creature in the oceans of the planet Kamino.[1]

Knowing they would die if they returned north, the aiwha pod fought Protas. Their wounds, through concerted attacks, ripped at the god-beast's flesh, but he could not be defeated until this aiwha attacked the mystical being. Sacrificing himself, this aiwha noticed Protas expose his throat, and clamped down on the god-beast's flesh. Protas lost much blood, and though he fought against the aiwha, could not defeat the smaller creature. Though Protas' blows killed the aiwha, still it hung onto his throat, allowing the aiwha pod to deal a final blow to the god-beast.[1]

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This aiwha appeared in The Tale of the Aiwha Pod, a short story by Ryan Kaufman, which was published in the 2005 book, Star Wars: Republic Commando: Prima Official Game Guide.


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