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During the early years of the Galactic Empire, a male individual worked for Alderaanian Security, a security force from the planet Alderaan, as an agent. In about 17 BBY, the agent traveled to the Deep Core, to spy on Imperial interests in the Deep Core Security Zone, by scouting out dozens of worlds that the Empire had recently discovered in the region. When the agent had completed his assignment, he had himself frozen in carbonite to prevent himself from being discovered during his return journey to Alderaan. The carbonite slab containing the agent was shipped to Sel Zonn Station, an XQ2 Platform that orbited planet Brentaal IV, where it was received by the droid information broker Switch, who put the slab into storage in the space station's Blue Deck. The Alderaanian Security operative Maya was dispatched to collect the frozen agent, but shortly after she had arrived on Sel Zonn Station she was attacked by a group of stormtroopers and a group of spacers met with Switch in her place, to negotiate for the agent's release. Afterward, the spacers collected the carbonite slab from Blue Deck and the agent was transported back to Alderaan aboard the Baudo-class star yacht Banshee. On arrival on the planet, the agent was released from the carbonite slab.