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The Unidentified Alderaanian agricultural researcher was a female Human scientist who was working on a civilian agricultural research vessel on the planet Alderaan in 0 BBY. While she was working in the ship, a Black Sun vigo named Slak Sagar, along with several Black Sun thugs, hijacked the research vessel and imprisoned the scientists, including the agricultural researcher. Slak, under the command of the Imperial slave master Zarien Kheev, began to experiment on the captured researchers using an experimental organic drug meant to increase the work performance of the Wookiee slaves mining mirkanite on Mustafar.

When the Rebel Alliance discovered that the research vessel had been hijacked by the vigo, Leia Organa hired a Twi'lek mercenary, Rianna Saren, along with her security droid, Zeeo, to find out what exactly was going on. After arriving at the agricultural research vessel, the pair were able to battle their way in and slice into a dataport, and found out about the tests Slak was carrying out on his prisoners. Rianna planted some charges on the ship to destroy it and stop the production of the drugs, and while she was leaving the ship, Slak interrogated the female agricultural researcher about the rebel intruder. When she said that she didn't know anything about the mercenary, Slak shot her with his blaster pistol, killing her. He then told his men to kill the rest of the prisoners and to abandon the research vessel. Slak, along with many of his men, were however killed by Rianna while on her way out of the ship. Rianna would find out about the Wookiee slaves on Mustafar from Slak and would continue on to Mustafar to stop the mirkanite mining.