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This Andoan senator was the Aqualish benefactor of Doctor Cornelius Evazan, who was studying immortality. Hoping to use Evazan's research to bargain with the Galactic Empire for his planet's freedom, the senator allocated an abandoned castle on the planet for Evazan to stay in while he did scientific work. When the senator came to inform Evazan that his project was being shut down, Evazan and his partner Ponda Baba kidnapped him, forcing him into the basement, where Evazan's mind-transferring machine waited. By the time the senator woke up he was in Ponda Baba's body. He untied himself and grabbed a thermal detonator, making his way to the rooftop where Evazan was. He threw it at him and Ponda, who both jumped off the roof, and managed to survive the fall thanks to Evazan's pet Meduza, Rover.