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"Porg? Is that you? What's going on?"
―The Aqualish bounty hunter searches for Porg[src]

An Aqualish male worked as a bounty hunter during the year 5 ABY. While on the moon Nar Shaddaa, the Aqualish was hired by the droid information broker 8t88 to hunt down and kill Kyle Katarn: an individual whom 8t88 double-crossed. The Aqualish eventually tracked Katarn to a set of sewers. When the Aqualish arrived, the bounty hunter Porg had been knocked unconscious and Katarn was nowhere in sight, as he was hiding nearby. Katarn attempted to shoot the Aqualish with a blaster pistol, but the shot harmlessly bounced off of the Aqualish's body armor. The Aqualish returned fire as Katarn prepared to fire again, but both shooters shot a revived Porg instead, who had stood up in between the combatants. Killing Porg had left the Aqualish bounty hunter stunned, and Katarn took the bounty hunter's hesitation as a moment to shoot back, scoring a shot to the Aqualish's head.


During the year 5 ABY,[2] an Aqualish male worked as a bounty hunter. While on the moon Nar Shaddaa, he was hired by 8t88, a droid information broker on the payroll of the Galactic Empire. Also working for 8t88 was Porg, a Trandoshan bounty hunter the Aqualish knew. The job consisted of finding and killing Kyle Katarn, a former Imperial soldier and agent of the New Republic whom 8t88 had met with in a local cantina. 8t88 had agreed to give Katarn information, but then proceeded to double-cross Katarn. After Katarn escaped 8t88's bounty hunters in the cantina, the Aqualish and various other hired guns moved out to kill Katarn. However, the former soldier caught up to 8t88 and, during a lightfight, shot off 8t88's arm. The rest of 8t88 escaped, and Katarn went to retrieve the arm, which clutched an important datadisc. The arm had fallen into a sewer, where Katarn was ambushed by Porg after the former found the arm.[1]

The Aqualish was hunting nearby, and was aware of Porg being in the general area. Porg was incapacitated by Katarn after a kick to the groin, and the Aqualish followed the sounds of the fight, and verbally called out for Porg. He didn't see Katarn, though, as he was hiding. In an attempt to kill the Aqualish, Katarn moved from cover and fired a single shot with his Bryar pistol, which hit the bounty hunter in the chest. The Aqualish wore protective body armor, though, which deflected the blaster bolt. The Aqualish returned fire, forcing Katarn back into cover. As the two combatants prepared for another round of fire, Porg slowly regained conscious and stood - right as the Aqualish and Katarn discharged their weapons at each other. Both shooters shot Porg, who died instantly. The Aqualish was stunned at the accidental killing of his fellow hunter, and his hesitation allowed Katarn to land a head shot, killing the Aqualish bounty hunter. Ultimately, Katarn escaped Nar Shaddaa.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

When the Aqualish arrived at the scene of Porg and Katarn's fight, he barged into the sewers in a brisk manner, exposing himself entirely to Katarn. However, the bounty hunter was smart enough to pack blaster proof armor, which saved him from a direct shot to his chest. However, after accidentally shooting his fellow bounty hunter, the Aqualish was so stunned that he once again left himself open for attack. This time, Katarn aimed for his unprotected head.[1]


While working for 8t88, the Aqualish wore body armor that could deflect direct blaster bolts. He was also armed with a blaster.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Aqualish first appeared in the 1998 novella Dark Forces: Rebel Agent, which was written by William C. Dietz.[1] The Aqualish was mentioned in The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia under Porg's entry, claiming that the Aqualish purposefully shot Porg,[3] as opposed to his death being an accident as depicted in the novella. This article assumes that the novella is the correct depiction of events.[1] In the novella's audio drama adaption, the Aqualish appears to shoot at Katarn after the latter defeats Porg for the first time, but neither his nor Porg's deaths are depicted, as the scene ends as soon as Katarn is fired upon.[4]



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