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This unidentified B1 battle droid was used by the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars. He was stationed on the remote desert planet of Abafar.


This unidentified B1 battle droid was a member of a special Separatist task force stationed on the desert planet of Abafar in the Outer Rim Territories during the Clone Wars. Their mission was to acquire as much Rhydonium as possible and to deliver it to a stolen Venator-class Star Destroyer called the Renown. Their ultimate objective was to blow up a Republican Conference starship, where an important war meeting was taking place, by ramming into it.

When D-Squad needed to get to the Republic cruiser, they needed to get a ship. They decided that they should try to board the ship that was carrying the rhydonium to the cruiser with the help of Gregor, a clone commando that suffered from amnesia. When they got close to the Separatist station they were halted by this droid, who asked to show him their authorization. He and the other B1 Battle droid were shot by CC-5576-39, destroying them both.