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―This droid's final words.[src]

This B1 battle droid was stationed on the Separatist planet of Lola Sayu in the Citadel prison around 21 BBY at the time of the Battle of Lola Sayu.


During the imprisonment of Jedi General Even Piell by the Separatists in the Citadel prison on Lola Sayu, this B1 battle droid along with many others were under command of prison warden, Phindian Osi Sobeck. When the elite team of clone troopers led by Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker arrived on the planet and infiltrated the detention facility, rescuing the Jedi master, this battle droid and a group of other droids chased the clones and Jedi on their way to the upper levels of the detention facility. This droid was destroyed along with the others after the clone troopers detonated the timed mines they had set on the ground earlier.

Behind the scenesEdit

This B1 battle droid, like every battle droid in The Clone Wars movie and The Clone Wars TV series, was voiced by Matthew Wood. His name was never given.