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"O.M.5., are you still there?"
―The B1 battle droid to O.M.5 as they were separated[src]

This unidentified battle droid was a B1 battle droid used by the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars under the direct command of Poggle the Lesser.


Following the Second Battle of Geonosis, this unit, alongside O.M.5 and another B1 battle droid escorted Lord Poggle's Armored Assault Tank with two winged Geonosian warriors. After losing a munitions crate, this droid and O.M.5 began marching behind Poggle's tank. They were caught up in a sandstorm, which first caused them to lose sight of one another. First the other battle droid, and then O.M.5 was buried and left behind in the storm, and despite the remaining commander's shouts to try and locate O.M.5, Lord Poggle ordered them to press onward. He soon stopped functioning as well and was also buried in the sand, unable to stand up to the storm as the Geonosians continued onward to the Progate Temple.[1]


This battle droid showed some concern when O.M.5 disappeared, but followed Poggle's orders to keep going.[1]

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This B1 battle droid, like every battle droid in The Clone Wars movie and The Clone Wars television series, was voiced by Matthew Wood. His name was never given.



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