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"Fire the Defoliator."
"Roger roger."
―A fellow droid, speaking to this one[src]

A B1 battle droid participated in the Battle of Dathomir around 21 BBY under command of Separatist Supreme Commander General Grievous.


This droid along with the rest of the droid army fought the Nightsisters clan on the planet of Dathomir around 21 BBY. During the battle, this droid piloted a Defoliator Deployment Tank, and was ordered to fire it by a fellow droid, taking out a large number of Nightsisters.

Later in the battle, the undead army of the Nightsisters arrived, destroying a large part of the droid squadron and allowing the living Nightsisters, including former Dark Acolyte Asajj Ventress, to hijack an Armored Assault Tank and use it to take out this droid's Defoliator Tank in one shot, killing the pilot.

Behind the scenesEdit

The B1 battle droid, like every battle droid in The Clone Wars movie and The Clone Wars TV series, was voiced by Matthew Wood. His name was never given.