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"The base is ours again, sir. The clones are fleeing!"
"Cowards. Secure the area."
―This droid to the commanding OOM battle droid.[src]

A B1 battle droid was stationed on the Rishi Rishi moon and participated in the Battle of the Rishi moon in 22 BBY.


During the battle, this droid was part of a reinforcement squadron sent to a Galactic Republic listening post on the moon by the Separatists after the initial team of BX-series droid commandos sent to capture the base were no longer transmitting back. After arriving at the base, the droids managed to drive off the remaining squadron of clone troopers stationed there, with the exception of Hevy. After the clone was discovered and badly wounded, he managed to set off a liquid tibanna bomb, killing himself along with the whole droid squadron and destroying the listening post.