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"All this moisture is corroding my servo-motors."
"Go up to level eight, get your head adjusted. It feels great."
"That will feel..."
―A fellow droid speaking to this one just before getting attacked.[src]

A B1 battle droid was stationed in the Skytop Station on the moon of Ruusan and served under command of General Grievous during the time of the Clone Wars.


In 22 BBY, the Galactic Republic managed to trace the location of the Separatist listening post, the Skytop Station, and sent a clone strike team lead by Jedi General Anakin Skywalker and padawan Ahsoka Tano to take it out.

Meanwhile on the station, this battle droid along with a fellow droid were on patrol. The other droid was complaining that the moisture in the moon's atmosphere was corroding his servo-motors. This droid suggested that he go to level eight to get his head adjusted. Just as they finished chatting, the clone troopers intercepted them, and one of them ripped out the other droid's head. This droid was then shot and destroyed.


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