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"Look, a Jedi."
―The droid referring to Jar Jar Binks.[src]

A B1 battle droid was stationed in the planet of Rodia during the subsequent apprehension of Senator Padmé Amidala and served under command of Nute Gunray.


In 22 BBY, this battle droid along with a squadron of droids accompanied viceroy Nute Gunray to the planet of Rodia on his Sheathipede-class transport shuttle, the Lapiz Cutter. After they arrived on the planet, this droid spotted representative Jar Jar Binks dressed in a Jedi robe, and mistook him for an actual Jedi, alerting the others of his presence.

The battle droids then began to fire on the Gungan and he retreated underwater. This droid along with the others was then ordered by a fellow battle droid to start searching for the Jedi. The droid was later destroyed by senator Amidala after she managed to escape from the detention tower.