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"Blast them!"
―This droid to his fellow comrades.[src]

A B1 battle droid was stationed in the Skytop Station on the moon of Ruusan and served under command of General Grievous during the time of the Clone Wars.


In 22 BBY, the Galactic Republic managed to trace the location of the Separatist listening post, the Skytop Station, and sent a clone strike team lead by Jedi General Anakin Skywalker and padawan Ahsoka Tano to take it out.

Once they arrived inside the facility, the team's progress was halted by a ray shielded door and astromech droid R3-S6 was tasked with getting it open. R3 started working on the door, but the team was then intercepted by a squadron of B1 battle droids, including this one, and a firefight ensued. Eventually, this droid was destroyed when Ahsoka Tano deflected a shot fired by him with her lightsaber, which ricocheted back and hit the droid, destroying him.


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