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"Don't move."
―This droid noticing Yoda jump on top of another droid.[src]

A B1 battle droid was stationed on the planet of Rugosa in 22 BBY and participated in the Battle of Rugosa.


During the battle, this droid was part of a reinforcement squadron tasked with finding Jedi Master Yoda along with three clone troopers and eliminating them before they reached their destination. As the droids advanced, they hit an impenetrable obstacle, a giant tree blocking the road, and were forced to continue on foot.

As the droids were making their way through the forest, one of them glanced the Jedi and ordered the rest of the battle droids to split up into squads. This droid and his squad were then surprised by Yoda as he jumped on top of a fellow droid, and this one tried to shoot the Jedi, but in turn hit the battle droid and destroyed him. This droid was later destroyed by a fellow droid after Yoda jumped between the two, causing them to shoot themselves.

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This battle droid was voiced by Matthew Wood, the actor who voices all the battle droids in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series.


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