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This BX-series droid commando was stationed on the planet Naboo, concealed along with three other droids inside Gungan Minister Rish Loo's office on Otoh Gunga.


After gungan Boss Lyonie found out with the help of Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker and senator Padmé Amidala that he was controlled by minister Rish Loo and ordered the Gungan Grand Army to turn against Naboo, Lyonie went to Rish Loo's office to confront him.

The minister then attempted to control him with his magic again, but Anakin Skywalker sensed that something was wrong and along with senator Amidala barged into his office. Rish Loo then unleashed a squad of concealed BX-series droid commandos which began to open fire on the Jedi and the senator. This droid, after seeing two other droids get destroyed by Skywalker, jumped on senator Amidala and both of them rolled down a ramp. The droid then attempted to melee the senator but was killed when she pulled out a blaster pistol and shot him.