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This BX-series droid commando was among the reinforcements sent to Onderon with General Kalani. When the rebels took refuge in the mountains, this droid commando reported this to Kalani and King Sanjay Rash. While forces were sent into the highlands to deal the final blow to the rebellion, this droid remained with Kalani, Rash, and Okalin to protect them from the rebelling citizens of Iziz. The rebels were given rocket launchers by the Ohnaka Gang which helped them defeat the separatist forces. Back at the palace, this droid saw as King Rash demanded more reinforcements from Count Dooku. However, Dooku ordered Kalani to evacuate the planet with whatever forces he had left. Rash was shot and Kalani and his surviving forces, this droid included, fled from Onderon before harm could be done to them.