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This droid was part of the reinforcements sent to the planet of Onderon to deal with the rebels when the power generators of Iziz were destroyed. After the failed execution of King Ramsis Dendup, the rebels fled into the highlands to keep the battle away from the city. General Kalani ordered battalions of droids and several droid gunships to take out the rebels.

While the rebels were busy defending their base from the approaching droids, a droid gunship carrying this commando droid and another commando droid arrived at the nest and killed all the rebels present.

King Dendup and his royal guards made an attempt to flee when Steela Gerrera showed up and distracted the droid gunship long enough to shoot it down, but the commando droids gave chase. All three of Dendup's guards were killed but Steela took out the last commando droid just before it reached the king.