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This article is about the droid commando captain at the Citadel. You may be looking for the captain who led the attack on Rishi Station.

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"Captain! Show this droid what happens when you use that word"
―Osi Sobeck, to the droid commando captain[src]

A droid commando captain was stationed inside the Citadel under the command of Osi Sobeck where Jedi Master Even Piell was being captured after being held. However, an elite team of Jedi and clone troopers infiltrated the prison and managed to liberate Even Piell. This droid along with Sobeck and a few other battle droids headed for the dungeon only to see that the naval officers along with their captain, Wilhuff Tarkin had escaped with the help of the freed Piell and the rest of the team. When a droid entered the dungeon and reported the escape to Sobeck, Sobeck angrily told the captain to execute the commando droid to which the captain did without raising any questions.


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