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A male member of the Human species worked as a courier for the shipping magnate Brevis Taug, whilst the courier was under the employ of a Hutt controlled company. The Human was suppose to deliver a satchel full of credits to a another courier on the space station known as Bazarre, but was instead captured whilst in the Grand Terminal spaceport on the planet Junction.


A male Human worked for a Hutt controlled company on the planet Junction. Whilst working for the company he acted as a courier for the wealthy shipping magnate Brevis Taug, shortly after Taug had been secretly arrested. The man was ordered to deliver a case full of credits to another courier, a Clawdite named Prit Kessek, on the space station Bazarre. Kessek would then deliver them to the Thanda clan of Zygerrian slavers, to fund the upkeep of a fleet of slaveship Taug had invested in. These payments were made in regular installments but using a different bagman each time. The courier planned to reach Bazarre after traveling with a Houk bodyguard from the Grand Terminal spaceport on the planet Junction to the planets Corellia and then Kalarba before reaching his destination.[1]

The Human courier however had been set up, as Taug had revealed that the credits would be being delivered to his captors, Intelligence agents interested in bringing down the slaver clan. To do so they planned to replace the bagman with their own agents, a group of spacers they had hired. To this end the spacers staked out the Grand Terminal, while intelligence agents tracked the courier and his bodyguards progress on Junction. When the pair reached the spaceport, a false announcement warned the spacers of the couriers presence and they captured him and delivered him to the intelligence agents. The man broke quickly under interrogation and revealed his travel plans, the codes to the case and his instructions to the agents, who informed the spacers.[1]


The bagman carrier a hold-out blaster whilst acting as courier, along with and encrypted datapad and the satchel of credits.[1]

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The bagman first appeared in the Star Wars Roleplaying Game adventure Zygerrian Takedown which was released as an online supplement by Wizards of the Coast and designed by Jason Fry. In the adventure there are multiple possible ways for players to attempt to try and subdue the bagman, with failure a possibility, but this article assumes players were successfully alerted to his presence and proceeded to successfully capture him without killing him, the aim of the encounter.


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