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"Where is Skywalker?"
"H-H-He escaped."
"I know he escaped, fool."
"I was a-a-asleep, my lord. I awoke to blaster fire. I left my quarters and saw Skywalker in the hall. It—it didn't seem real. A dozen of us shot at him and he waved that lightsaber back and forth and blocked the bolts!"
―Darth Vader and the Barabel bounty hunter[src]

A male Barabel bounty hunter was among a combined group of bounty hunters under the leadership of the Barabel Skahtul who captured the Jedi Luke Skywalker on the planet Kothlis in 3.5 ABY with the intention of cashing in on his bounty placed by the Dark Lord Darth Vader. Skywalker soon escaped, however, and when Vader arrived on Kothlis to collect the captured Skywalker, he angrily interrogated the Barabel bounty hunter, the highest-ranking survivor of his group.

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Behind the scenesEdit

The comic Shadows of the Empire 5 depicts and establishes this character as a Barabel. However, the Shadows of the Empire trading card set depicts this character as a Human wearing an armored suit.