"I wish you wouldn't shoot paying customers"
―The bartender to Kyle Katarn[src]

A Human male lived on the moon Sulon during the year 5 ABY, where he operated a small tavern located in the city of Barons Hed. At some point, his establishment entertained five members of the Gran species, who were all Imperial bounty hunters. Their visit turned into a brawl, as the Gran were unable decide who was going to pay the bill. The brawl ended when the the Jedi Initiate Kyle Katarn entered the bar and slew the Gran. Afterwards, the bartender made it clear that he was not pleased with the fact that all of his customers were killed.


"No, Shmorg, I've got it."
―A Gran offers to buy drinks, as opposed to Shmorg, which prompts a brawl in the bartender's tavern[src]

During the year 5 ABY,[2] a Human male operated a tavern in the city of Barons Hed, located on the moon Sulon. During this time, the city was under the control of the Galactic Empire, and became a haven for Imperial bounty hunters. At some point, five Gran bounty hunters entered the man's establishment[1] for a round of drinks. When the time came to pay for the beverages, the Gran named Shmorg offered to pay for the entire tab. However, a different Gran offered to pay for the drinks instead. The resulting confusion of who was going to pay for the drinks ultimately led to an unarmed brawl,[3] and the bartender frantically called for the Gran to not use blasters inside his tavern. As the fight broke out, the bartender hurriedly ran around behind his bar table[1] as two of the Gran were beaten to death.[3]

Barons Hed Bar

The bartender's establishment in Barons Hed

Moments after the brawl broke out, the New Republic Jedi Initiate Kyle Katarn, who was in Barons Hed to disrupt Imperial activities, entered the bar. Using the weapons he had on hand, Katarn slew the remaining Gran when they tried to attack him. The bartender, none to happy with the fact that his paying customers were all lying dead on the floor, gruffly noted that he did not appreciate Katarn's antics. Katarn left shortly after, but not before ransacking the tavern of its personal energy shields.[1][3]

Personality and traitsEdit

"No blasters! No blasters!"
―The bartender calling for the Gran to refrain from blaster usage[src]

A gray-haired Human with black eyes, the bartender did not like at least two things on the day of Katarn's visit: Customers shooting up his bar, and people shooting up his customers. When Katarn finished his work with the Gran, the bartender made his distaste for Katarn's killings clear, but did not attempt to stop Katarn from taking his shield units free of charge. During the fight in his bar. the bartender frantically ran around in circles behind his bar table, and made his wish for the Gran not to use blasters loud and clear. However, none of the Gran were actually armed with blasters. The man also had light colored skin.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

"In any case, if Gran are stupid enough to kill each other, be smart enough to let them."
Rick Barba, author of the Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II strategy guide, describes the bar brawl[src]

The bartender first appeared in the 1997 video game Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II, and appeared in the game's fifth level.[1] He also received a mention in the game's official strategy guide.[3] The brawl in his tavern is initiated when the player nears the building, but since the event does not effect the story or outcome of the level in any way, the tavern encounter can be completely skipped without effect.[1][3] The bartender's voice actor was uncredited.



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