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"Long live the Rebellion!"
―The storeowner shows her support for the Rebel Alliance after her storeroom is looted by Kyle Katarn[src]

A Human female storeowner resided on the moon Sulon during the year 5 ABY. A supporter of the Rebel Alliance, who by 5 ABY had become known as the New Republic, the woman owned a store in the Sulon city of Barons Hed, which was under the control of an Imperial faction led by the Dark Jedi Jerec. One day, two aggressive Gran bounty hunters, under the employ of Jerec, visited her shop, seeking information. The woman did not have the information they seeking, yet the Gran did not prepare to leave upon her request for them to do so. Moments later, the Jedi trainee Kyle Katarn made his way into the merchant's shop and killed the Gran when they turned to attack him. Katarn took what he could from the grateful woman's shop, free of charge, and left.


"I know nothing. Leave me alone. Leave us in peace!"
―The female store clerk attempts to tell off the Gran[src]

A Human female worked as a merchant in the city of Barons Hed, located on the moon Sulon. She was a staunch supporter of the Alliance to Restore the Republic, also known as the Rebel Alliance, and kept a secret room of her store stocked with various kinds of blasters, various types of ammunition, and personal energy shields.[1] By the year 5 ABY,[2] the Rebel Alliance had defeated the reigning Galactic Empire, and had been renamed the New Republic, although the woman continued to refer to the new government as the Rebellion. However, Barons Hed was still controlled by an Imperial faction led by the Dark Jedi warlord Jerec, whose Government House was located in the center of the city.[1]

Barons Hed shop

The storeowner's shop

During 5 ABY,[2] Barons Hed became overrun with mercenaries and bounty hunters, and many shops were abandoned as the city became a haven for crime.[3] The woman's store remained in service, however. Many of the bounty hunters were under Jerec's employ, and protected the area surrounding the Government House from being invaded. The bounty hunters were ruthless, and often harassed and outright attacked the city's population. One day, two aggressive Gran bounty hunters entered the woman's store, and began to question her. The woman, however, claimed to not have the information that the Gran were seeking. She asked them to let her be, but they did not immediately comply.[1]

At that moment, the Jedi trainee Kyle Katarn entered the shop while looking for a way into the Government House. The Gran turned to attack Katarn, but the Jedi used his lightsaber to kill the Gran duo, keeping the woman out of harm's way. Katarn helped himself to some of the woman's wares, free of charge, and then used his lightsaber to cut into her secret room. Katarn took all that he could carry and went back into the store. The woman verbally stated her support of the New Republic, and Katarn left the store. He eventually made it to the Government House.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

The woman was steadfast, and remained in her shop even after others had left due to Jerec's influence. She was open in her support of the Rebellion and the New Republic. The woman had light skin, gray eyes, and had black hair.[1]


The woman kept an arsenal of weapons hidden in her store. Among her stash was several E-11 blaster rifles, a custom Bryar blaster pistol, two other blaster pistols, and an Imperial Repeater Rifle. Her storeroom was also stocked with ammunition for all of the weapons. Her store was also stocked with Bio-Bacta canisters and personal energy shields.[1]

She wore a brown hat, a golden vest, and a blue dress.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

"It's OK, man, she wants you to have them."
―Rick Barba assures the player that they are not stealing from the woman's store[src]

The woman first appeared in the video game Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II, where she appeared as a civilian in the game's fifth level. Although the woman can be killed by the player, doing so could pull the player to the Dark side of the Force, which would be the game's alternate, non-canon ending.[1] The woman was mentioned, and quoted, in the game's strategy guide, where author Rick Barba suggests that the player avoid killing the civilian, and that they kill the Gran with their lightsaber. This article assumes that the woman survives, and that Katarn used a lightsaber to kill the Gran.



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