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"Give me that one's sword."
―The Falleen trying to claim Vizsla's Darksaber[src]

An unidentified leader was part of the Black Sun leadership which stationed in a facility on the volcanic planet of Mustafar around 20 BBY.


After Darth Maul and Savage Opress made an alliance with the Death Watch, their first journey lead to Mustafar to recruit the members of the Black Sun. Ziton Moj, Captain of the Guard led them into the facility, where they wanted to talk with the leader Xomit Grunseit. Grunseit, along with the rest of the leadership, refused to join, and ordered his guards to kill them, and take their weapons and ships. This leader smiled and asked the guards to give him the "sword" of Pre Vizsla. However, the brothers and Vizsla easily defeated the guards, and after Grunseit refused to join again, Opress threw his lightsaber and decapitated all the members, including this one.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Black Sun leader was voiced by Dave Filoni, who is the supervising director of the series.


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