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―The commando's final utterance[src]

A clone commando served the Galactic Republic[2] six months into the intergalactic Clone Wars,[4] and was part of a four-man squad of commandos that was dispatched to the planet Ord Mantell. Nine Trandoshan bounty hunters had intercepted a parcel meant for Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, and the commando's squad, alongside another squad of commandos, was given the task of retrieving the package. After setting a trap in an Ord Mantell city for the bounty hunters, the commando and two of his squad-mates tried to flank the Trandoshan speeders after they had stopped in a street due to a fabricated roadblock. When the first speeder was destroyed, the third speeder spun around, running over the commando and his brothers before they could attack. As the speeder fled, the backseat passenger threw an arm full of grenades at the stunned commandos, which exploded and killed them. Despite this, the mission was a success, thanks to commando RC-1013, who retrieved the package.[2]

Like his squad-mates, the commando wore blue and white Katarn-class commando armor, and wielded a DC-17m Interchangeable Weapon System.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

The clone commando was created for the short story The Package, which was written by Ryan Kaufman. The entire story was illustrated by the Fillbach Brothers, with colors provided by Pamela Rambo.[2] The Package was included in the compilation comic book Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures Volume 3, which was released during March 2005.[4]

The story does not identify either squad of commandos by name,[2] and the term "Blue Squad" is used solely for the clarity of the reader, in order to differentiate the unidentified commandos.


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