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"Foresee the future. The days of the Jedi are numbered. The legions of Bpfasshi grows. You cannot defeat us all."
―Bpfasshi Dark Jedi[src]

This unidentified Bpfasshi was part of a group of Dark Jedi.


The duel on Commerce Guild's tradind station

The duel, in which he died.

They were pursued by a cadre of Jedi Knights in 700 BBY. This individual was tracked by the Jedi to a Commerce Guild station and cornered by Minch. The Dark Jedi taunted Minch about his size, and Minch angrily fought the Bpfasshi. The young Jedi was bested by his opponent, but four other Jedi arrived just in time. The Dark Jedi killed himself with his own lightsaber rather than reveal the location of his Master, causing Minch consternation at his inability to defeat his opponent alone.[1]



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