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During the Mission to Ryloth in 14 BBY, a clone trooper served as the captain of the Emperor's Royal Guard, the personal security to Galactic Emperor Sheev Palpatine. In the aftermath of the Free Ryloth movement's destruction of the Star Destroyer Perilous over the planet Ryloth, he was present with the Emperor, Darth Vader, Sergeant Erstin Deez, and two other members of the Royal Guard as they evacuated on Vader's shuttle. Upon the shuttle's crash landing in the jungles of the planet's surface, the Emperor, Vader, the sergeant, and the captain were the only mobile survivors. One guard died as a result of the crash's impact, and the other, who had neglected to fasten his harness in the shuttle was unconscious and now fashioned a broken limb. The captain, on the Emperor's orders and without a second thought, executed the immobile guard for his insolence. Making their way through the forest, the group of survivors eventually encountered a hoard of lyleks that relentlessly chased them through the jungle, eventually corralling them in their nest. After an intense battle, the nest and its queen were eventually all killed, however, among the carnage, the captain was also killed.[2]

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