"I have purchased two tickets for the City Tour, but I have important business on Alderaan and I must leave at once. I was hoping that I could sell them to you."
―The Chagrian to Panaka[src]

An unidentified Chagrian had business on both the planets of Coruscant and Alderaan around the year 32 BBY. He or she was present in Galactic City, the planet-wide city of Coruscant, when the Queen of Naboo Padmé Amidala came to plead her people's case before the Galactic Senate. While the Chagrian had planned to go on a sightseeing trip with Coruscant City Tours, they were forced to travel to the nearby world of Alderaan, where urgent matters required their presence. The Chagrian, who had already bought two tickets for the tour, was able to sell them to Captain Quarsh Panaka, Chief of the Naboo Security Force for Queen Amidala.