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"I traveled off-world before becoming clan leader. I have seen this Empire, Rikkar-du! They are very strong! If you think you can keep them from conquering Munto Codru…!"
―The clan leader to Rikkar-Du[src]

The female Codru-Ji clan leader was present when Rikkar-Du called a meeting of all clan leaders so that they could oppose Darth Krayt's Empire.


Having seen the strength of the Empire first-hand in her travels, during the clan leaders' meeting she argued that the Empire was too powerful for even the united clans, and that they could not stop its conquest of Munto Codru. Rikkar-Du replied that though they may not be able to stop the conquest, they could interfere with its rule by using the Codru-Ji's well-known abilities to abduct Imperial governors.

Behind the scenesEdit

The character's only appearance was a small line in Legacy 13: Ready to Die.