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"Oh, its so bright out here!"
"Oh my god."
"Why couldn't we have done this at night, when its cooler?"
―Ziro the Hutt and his Coruscant Guard escort[src]

A Human male clone served as a shock trooper with the Coruscant Guard in the Grand Army of the Galactic Republic, during the Clone Wars against the Separatists.

The clone escorted Ziro the Hutt out of the Republic Judiciary Central Detention Center after his release had been secured by bounty hunter Cad Bane during the Senate hostage crisis.

Behind the scenesEdit

This clone first appeared in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars TV series in the episode Hostage Crisis which aired on March 20, 2009. As Ziro complains about the sun, the clone turns his head and can be heard muttering "oh my god".