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A Human male worked on Coruscant during the Clone Wars as a power generator engineer. He was killed in an attack on the Coruscant power generator.


Around 21 BBY, a debate raged in the Galactic Senate on whether to deregulate the banks to finance the production of more clones or not. In a bid to sway the votes in their favor, Separatist Head of State, Count Dooku tasked his droid commander, General Grievous, to transfer his demolition droids to Coruscant to blow up the power generator and scare the senators into voting for deregulation. and scare the senators into a vote for deregulation. The engineer was present when the droids attacked the compound. As the droids infiltrated the area, the engineer ducked under his work table while the rest of his colleagues were massacred. While he hid, he found a blaster pistol strapped to the underside of the table. He picked it up and fired at one of the large droids, but due to their heavy armor, the pistol had no effect. The engineer was then quickly killed by the droid he had fired upon. When the droids blew up the generator, his body, along with his colleagues was consumed by the flames.

Personality and traitsEdit

When the droids attacked, the engineer was quick enough to hide under the desk while the rest of his colleagues were murdered. When he found a pistol there, he did not hesitate to challenge the droids openly despite the fact that he was heavily outnumbered.