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"What's going on?"
―The engineer[src]

A Human male worked on Coruscant during the Clone Wars as a power generator engineer. He was killed in an attack on the Coruscant power generator.


Around 21 BBY, a debate raged in the Galactic Senate on whether or not to deregulate the banks to finance the production of additional clones. In a bid to sway the votes in their favor, Separatist Head of State, Count Dooku tasked his droid commander, General Grievous, with having demolition droids sent to Coruscant to blow up the power generator and scare the senators into voting for deregulation. When the droids attacked the compound, the engineer was at work inside the control room with five other colleagues. After several droids broke through the front door, the engineer ran toward the back door, only to be met by another group of droids once the door opened. He was then shot and killed.