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"Also, the pirate captain sent over one of the ships. Curious. Why did he not keep it for himself?"
Urai Fen, to Tyber Zann[src]

A new Crusader-class corvette was illegally acquired by the Zann Consortium shortly after 0 ABY.

Pirates working for Tyber Zann had been attacking starships near Mandalore, soon Mandal Hypernautics agreed to supply Crusader-class corvettes to Zann's forces in exchange for a cease-fire. Also Tyber Zann received a free Crusader-class corvette built on Mandalore, this vessel.

Urai Fen, Zann's bodyguard, found it curious that the pirate captain send the ship to Tyber Zann instead of keeping it for himself. Zann saw that as a proof of his reputation, the pirate captain wouldn't dare stealing from Tyber Zann.

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