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"We ought to shoot you where you stand!"
―The ground crew chief confronting Vannar and his Jedi team[src]

This unidentified Daimanate ground crew chief was a female Human who worked at the transport landing zone on Oranessan, a key transport hub in the Daimanate, a Sith princedom which emerged from the ruins of the Chagras Hegemony in 1042 BBY. She lived during the Republic Dark Age, the last century of the New Sith Wars which saw large areas of the galaxy fall under the control of many Sith warlords and the breakdown of interstellar commerce. She had burn scars sustained through workplace accidents and wore a set of worker's overalls, the standard uniform of workers in the Daimanate. She was known to have a foul temper and would kill anyone who failed to meet the Daimanate's work quotas.

In 1032 BBY, she and a party of sentries encountered members of the Jedi strike team Operation Influx who had disguised themselves as flight crew. Since they had been late to a flight preparation meeting, she ordered their execution. However, the Jedi fought back and she herself was killed by the Jedi Knight Kerra Holt, a young woman who had fled Sith Space as a refugee. Kerra impaled the ground crew chief with her lightsaber. Following her death, the Jedi stole her remote control and jumpsuit. These items would play an important role in the first phase of Operation Influx. Kerra used the remote control to enter a Daimanate Heavy-Lift Starcrosser that was later used to fly the Jedi strike team to Chelloa for the second phase of Operation Influx.

After the Jedi strike team found that the transport lacked an activation cylinder, Kerra used the dead woman's stolen jumpsuit to infiltrate a hangar where they kept several replacement cylinders. Having obtained the activation cylinder, the Starcrosser transport was able to enter hyperspace and the Jedi landed on Chelloa where they disrupted baradium shipping operations at the spaceport town of Jenith. However, the Jedi team with the exception of Kerra were later killed when Daiman's estranged brother Sith Lord Odion attacked Jenith, after learning about Daiman's baradium operations.

Personality and traitsEdit

"This isn’t right. One less transport in the convoy won’t make any difference. Kill them."
―The ground chief's final words[src]

The ground crew chief was a fierce and angry woman who was primarily concerned with ensuring that her fellow Daimanites kept within their deadlines and fulfilled their work quotas. She had sustained burns during an industrial accident. When Vannar Treece's Jedi infiltration team, who had disguised themselves as Daimanite pilots, missed their flight preparation meeting, she was ruthless enough to order their execution; a decision which cost her and her warrior escorts their lives.

Behind the scenesEdit

The unidentified Daimanate ground crew chief first appeared as a minor antagonist in the short story Star Wars: Knight Errant: Influx, a short story written by John Jackson Miller which first debuted on October 19, 2010. This short story was prequel tie-in to the Aflame story arc, which was first released on October 13, 2010. Since she was killed off during the commencement of the short story, this marks her sole known appearance in the Expanded Universe.