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"Those rodders? Thieves and killers, everyone of them! I'll die before I see them take an inch of Dimok land!"
―The crone, referring to the Ripoblus[src]

A female Dimok crone lived on the planet Kuthard at the time of the Sepan Civil War between the Dimoks and the Ripoblus. The crone expressed her feelings toward the war during an interview in her half-bombed village by a group of Coruscant News Network journalists, a Tynnan diplomat, and the Galactic Alliance Defense Force's Gar Stazi.


"All my life I've seen war. It is too late for my children. But I would do anything for my grandchildren to live in a world of peace."
―The crone, during the interview[src]

A female Dimok lived in a village on the Sepan system's planet of Kuthard at the time of the Sepan Civil War, a centuries-long conflict between the Dimoks and the Ripoblus, a species also native to that star system. The Dimok had lived with war her entire life, losing her children to the war. By the time a group of Coruscant News Network journalists found her in the then–bombed-out village, she had become an old crone. The journalists interviewed her with a holocamera, and she expressed her desire to see her grandchildren live in a world free of war.[1]

After the journalists left, a Tynnan diplomat and the Galactic Alliance Defense Force's Gar Stazi, who had accompanied the journalists, stayed behind, and the Tynnan began to question the crone on matters regarding her family. When asked by the diplomat whether she would give a small parcel of her family's land to settle a claim with the Ripoblus, the crone spat and answered that she would rather die. Stazi later reflected in a letter to Rogue Leader Jhoram Bey in 137 ABY that the day he met the crone was the last day he believed in peace, and that everyone, even the Dimok crone, was bred to compete.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

Due to living with war her whole life and losing her children to it, the crone said she would do anything to let her grandchildren live in a world at peace. However, when asked by the Tynnan if she would give a parcel of her family's land to settle a claim, she replied with spit flying from her mouth that she would rather die than give land to the Ripoblus. The crone also thought that all Ripoblus were thieves and killers.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The crone was first mentioned in the The Essential Guide to Warfare, an extensive guide dedicated to the conflicts in the galaxy, written by Jason Fry and Paul R. Urquhart and released in 2012.[1]


Notes and referencesEdit

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