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"Bounties on Jedi are sky high. Big credits."
―The bounty hunter[src]

A bounty hunter of the sentient Duros species was present in a bar on the planet Lothal shortly before the mission to rescue the Jedi Knight Kanan Jarrus.[1]


At some point prior to the year 4 BBY,[2] a male member of the sentient Duros species became a bounty hunter. That year, he traveled to the planet Lothal, where he learned that a Jedi was present on the planet. The Duros then decided to collect a bounty on the Jedi. However, while he was drinking in the bar, the Duros was approached by Fissol and Gowski, two other bounty hunters, who inquired whether he knew anything about a Jedi living on Lothal. While initially wishing to capture the Jedi by himself, the Duros bounty hunter finally relented and shared his information with Fissol and Gowski. After the pair had left, the Duros covered his head with a bandage. Some time later, Fissol and Gowski returned to the bar after encountering the Jedi and being told to find the Duros and exact vengeance upon him.[1]


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