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"You're weakening. You decide when the pain will stop. Just give me the information."
"No droid will ever break me."
―The droid and Even Piell[src]

This EV-series supervisor/interrogator droid was inside the Confederacy of Independent Systems' prison, the Citadel, in the dungeon along with a few BX-series droid commandos where Jedi Master Even Piell was being held in[2] around 21 BBY.[1] He was interrogating the Jedi about the vital information on the Nexus Routes Piell knew about. When the Lannik refused to talk, the droid was moving to remove Piell's good eye using its built-in needle, but a team of Jedi and clone troopers that were sent to rescue the Jedi Master, burst in. During the rescue, the droid watched as its comrades were mercilessly shot by the clone troopers without flinching. As it turned to face the door, Captain Rex blasted the droid through the head and with a final scream of pain, it toppled to the ground, its red photoreceptors going out.[2]


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